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The common experiences that I am talking about are like this: a woman goes online to find a partner and receives a message from a man, usually short but they are now beginning to range from one sentence to several paragraphs.

The age group I'm referring to is the late 20's to late 30's crowd, and I would imagine the younger crowd may be included here also due to what the current pattern of interaction on dating sites has evolved.

I should mention here that many guys will ask to take the conversation off the site rather quickly, and the reason for this is that they want the woman to believe that she is special and won't want to go online to talk to others where she might see that he has been active even though they are no longer using the site.

Anyway, the short end to the story is simply that the man expects to have sex very quickly, on the first, second or third date.

They don't necessarily set out to have a romantic relationship, a sexual encounter or even a close connection.

They don't obsessively count the number of replies, nor do they get fixated on responding to the ones they receive.

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