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Absloute dating

The ladies are funny, too, most especially Seo-Jin (Go Won-Hee). Hearing that this drama has been extended to 20 episodes cheers me up no end. Geologists often need to know the age of material that they find. This show is so creatively off-the-chain humorous!!!!Like Min Soo-A's character in episodes 1 to 4 she was sophisticated, smart and mature I was so wrong as time goes by her true nature shows that she's shallow and spoiled. For those who are looking for new series to start, Definitely Recommend This Drama! Thank you for making my week nights shine again you guys rocked! 1 more thing, even the cameo or supporting actress hilarious. Awkward relationships, work ethics and friendships. Doo-Sik and Soo-A are my favourite couple on here though. lol i hardly put my comments on asianwiki because I am extremeeeeeeeeeeellllllllllllllllllllllllyyyy pleased by this drama Am i only one who suddenly laugh out of nowhere just by the thought of this hilarious drama? I'm in the train, everyone kinda silent and I unknowingly cracked up! The baby is precious and sometimes the only adult in the room. Baby Sol is sooo cute, I'm sure she'll grown up to a pretty girl. Fell in love with the actors too & their very effective acting. Guys, please help me know the place/address of the guesthouse/hostel (Waikiki Hostel) where they shot the show or where I can find it. Every episode makes me laugh and there is also touching moments that make my heart flutter. HAHAHAHAHAHA New role model for Kdrama, Seems kdrama has new transformation, they becoming more japanese or chinese and more real, i like it! New era Good Job This drama is really recommended to all kdrama lovers. I was laughing continuously the whole two episodes ?? Hope this drama gets good ratings as it is really deserving. So funny but at the same time so charming and kind-hearted boy?????I am not looking forward to the final episode # 20 and am starting to get anxiety attacks just thinking about it. i hate her character and somehow kill all the funny potential things. Original, quirky, humorous and just plain fun to watch major kudos to the 3 scriptwriters who worked their magic in creating this masterpiece and the PD and actors who brought it to life. Love you all to bits for bringing so much joy into my life. the one and only who saved the last episode is lee jun ki. Im going to let the whole world know how good is this drama. (the drama is'nt finished but still, i want something extraordinary like this) fighting!!!!!!! After a whole day of stressful work, you will find yourself stress-free. I can't imagine Kim Jung-hyun to be this funny (σ≧▽≦)σ (watch School 2017 ^.^) If you want to be happy all the time, watch this drama! i love kim jung hyun's character so much from the beginning but his stupidity rather i find amusing has become annoying as hell. actually i still can't believe i'm saying this because i love this drama before their latest episodes. WTW needs to be made into a full length feature film with the original cast. Episode 14 tops everything so far with Jun Ki and his co star both pitching for a commercial is just too damn funny! and i think this drama doesn't need min soo ah to appear again.

The atoms of some chemical elements have different forms, called isotopes.❤️ This is by far the most hilarious drama i've ever seen (and still watching). Its really funny, slighly romantic, and entertaining. his comical expression is priceless and bring the best out of the drama. i hope the next episode will become more entertaining and win my heart again. This drama is funn but I really can't tolerate with the stupidity of their female actress character. When you just got back from work and see this kind of scenes.. Recommended especially for the beginners ( first time watching kdrama ), for someone who feels lonely and down. Ther's never a dull moment in every episode and all characters contribute to the fun moments. One decided to wear someone else cloth on her baby, and the other one get conned by the person she thought want to buy her bag after being cheated by her boyfriend. Dong-Goo (Kim Jung-Hyun) is a revelation as a comic actor since his features are more for solid drama. I just love his moments with Joon-Ki (Lee Yi-Kyung), they're both insane!

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