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According to the post, upgrading to version 2.6.18-348.4.1.el5 should solve the issue, though I haven't tried it.glob() does NOT seem to suffer from this same vulnerability.

A very flexible function to recursively list all files in a directory with the option to perform a custom set of actions on those files and/or include extra information about them in the returned data.

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A simple test helps prevent this: A variation on listing all the files in a directory recursively.

$files = preg_find('/\.php$/D', $dir, PREG_FIND_RECURSIVE|PREG_FIND_SORTKEYS);sorted in by filesize, in descending order?

$files = preg_find('/./', $dir, PREG_FIND_RECURSIVE|PREG_FIND_RETURNASSOC |PREG_FIND_SORTFILESIZE|PREG_FIND_SORTDESC);$files=array_keys($files);sorted by date modified?

You can easily return any additional data for a given file using $entry['keyname'] = ...

(Note that this data can be any variable type - string, bool, float, resource etc) There is a string variable "$path" available, which contains the full path of the current file, relative to the initial "$dir" supplied at function call.

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This data is also available in it's constituent parts, "$dir" and "$file".

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