Best online dating site for bald men

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According to the data, a woman on First is 17% more likely to respond to a man 5% younger than a man who is 5% older than her and 47% more likely to respond to a man 15% younger than a man 15% older.

For example, this implies that a 40-year old woman is 47% more likely to respond to a 34 year-old man than a 46 year-old man.

A man’s chances of getting contacted online decline as his height decreases First analyzed over 250,000 interactions between its users to quantify how every inch increase in reported height impacts a male member’s likelihood of being contacted by a woman when she views his profile.

And online, there are no facial cues or body language to guide you.

We are decoding the online dating behavior of women and we have to admit, the results are pretty surprising.

For fun, First analyzed over 4 million interactions from users around the world to find out where women are most likely to respond to messages from men online.

According to the data, women contact men online the most in the United States followed by Norway and Australia.

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The data also revealed that Latina women are the pickiest online daters, being 33% less likely to respond to a man than any other woman. ” is 75% more likely to get a reply than an average message First analyzed 2.9 million icebreaker messages and found one magic phrase that outperformed all others in terms of getting a response from women. There is a magic phrase that guarantees more responses online: “Hey, where are you from originally?

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