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Over 100 UAH buildings are wired with Ethernet jacks.

Many student apartments already have an Ethernet jack installed in each bedroom.

Please be aware that if your wireless router causes a network disruption, your network port will be disabled until CUIT can resolve the problem.

CUIT will not provide refunds for ports disabled due to improperly configured devices (or infected hosts) attached to the Columbia network.

Alternatively you may purchase a router directly from CUIT, who will install it for a fee.

For more information on this, please visit our Personal Wireless Router page.

CUIT does set bandwidth limits on general Internet access, primarily to limit the ability to upload data to off-campus sites.

If you would like to set up your own wireless router, please keep in mind that it must be configured properly so that it will not disrupt the network in your building. Also note that combination modem/wireless routers are incompatible with the CUIT Ethernet network, please do not attempt to use the wireless functionality of a commercial combination modem/router.

If you don't see your building listed, it means CUIT has yet to wire it.

If your building is listed, you can submit a request for Apartment Net online.

This is certainly the same for broadband Internet service providers.

If you start from an assumption that the network is insecure rather than assuming that it is secure, you can't go wrong!

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Apartments (or rooms) that already have an existing jack will be charged a mandatory network access fee of $29 per month, included on the rent bill.

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