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In Washtenaw County, getting rid of the 10 traditional school districts and reinventing them as one county district would save about million.“County boundaries are arbitrary as well,” said Saline Superintendent Scot Graden.“Consolidation just for the sake of consolidation doesn’t work,” he said.

In Washtenaw County, “shared services” would get about .7 million in savings.

They were created to provide services to member districts that would be too expensive or unwieldy for local districts to offer on their own.

“In Michigan, the ISD system is greatly underutilized.

There's nothing wrong with paying people a nice wage and having small school districts," Watkins said.

"But that's as if Ford and GM behaved as if Honda, Toyota and Hyundai didn't exist.

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That's the finding of a new study of school administration costs commissioned by Ann and seven affiliated newspapers.

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