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Danica patrick dating dale earnhardt jr

Earnhardt is one of the most popular and most sympathetic figures in racing dating back to his father's death in a crash at Daytona.So taking on Earnhardt is in a different realm than barking at someone else.And what I learned a long time ago is when I get upset, I really don't care what people think or say about me. Getting in Denny Hamlin's grill: Causing a wreck is a time-honored fighting offense in NASCAR, and vigilante justice isn't necessarily discouraged.

and asked him if he'd be interested in the "Wonder Woman" car she'd been driving, according to .Temper outbursts in auto racing aren't unique to Patrick.Hitting someone else's car -- either intentionally or unintentionally -- often triggers payback.After the New Hampshire incident, Stenhouse told reporters there were no hard feelings: "It is just part of it.I have been wrecked before and wrecked people myself."But the first time they collided? In May of 2013 at Charlotte, Stenhouse triggered a multi-car wreck which collected Patrick.

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Finger wagging is the opposite of a temper tantrum."Wel-l-l-l, Patrick responded, "I actually flipped him the bird first, but nobody saw that."Anything else?

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