Dating an emo Teen chatrooms perth w a

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Dating an emo

The emo guy enjoys a girl who dresses in a more casual fashion.

The thing is that she is scene/emo and I am more like a metalhead (if I can call myself one) well I don't have long hair cause my hair gets pretty crappy when I let it grow, and I listen to mainly metal and subgenres of the same, for example some of the bands that I listen mainly to are: anthrax, cannibal corpse, Lazarus AD, slayer, Risen to reclaim and Suicide Silence (I know this one is deathcore but I like it), my friends ask me how can we be together if we are so different? Alright dude, if you love her, and things are going good. Now, some, can be pretty f*cking weird, so there is a limit. I had a fling with one a couple years ago, and I found her to be just..Once he feels he can trust you, delight in being able to read his innermost thoughts.Allow him to read some of your own musings to help gain his heart. An emo guy will take offense at being told to wear brighter colors or to stop expressing his dark emotions.they tell that I'm more agressive (in a good way) and energetic, and that she is very emotional and happy, I've been with her for 2 years and I like how she is even tho we have different tastes in music and different attitudes, we both are 19 and I love her, she says that I'm pretty different from the guys she has dated (she has dated mainly emo guys) because she says that I'm more "unpredictable" or some **** I don't know. I also know a handful of women as friends who take that route.So my question is: Have you ever dated girls that are like emo or scene and if you have... I mean, we act cool together and all, but I don't trust em.

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I also know a handful of women as friends who take that route.