Dating girard perregaux movements

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When closed, the watch locks perfectly as there is a "hole" on the side of the case near position that fits on to the lever (controlled by the push button) tightly.Like a REVERSO or HUNTER, this hinged case also serves to protect the crystal of the watch from unexpected and unnecessary damage. not reminded of the time and at the same time not having to worry about damaging your watch if your swing is too great.Personally love the additional colored sectors from 0 to 10 minute markers in green & red. Whilst all Aquadive versions measure the depth in feet upto 200 ft, it has thus been derived that the Original thick, chunky, gigantic & heavy stainless steel case measuring 48mm excluding crown, 51mm including and 53mm from lug to lug. The listing price in 1973 was petite desk clock with a small 10 1/2 ligne wrist watch movement.From the lug size of 24mm & a thickness of 18mm, you will know that this is HUGE !! I personally can't take my eyes off the Amongst the few dial colour combinations (including blue/black, orange or black/white), I like this combination the BEST. A watch one would place on the desk or take it along when travelling. The watch case can be opened to be displayed on the desk or closed when placed in the pocket to avoid damage.Original goldfileld top case with stainless steel case screw back case (size: 34mm excluding crown, 36mm including and 40mm from lug to lug) in good condition with light signs of wear. very rare SOLID ROSE GOLD JUMP HOUR wristwatch dating from the 1920s.Most jump hour examples you see are in stainless steel or chromeplated cases, one in solid rose gold is very rare & hard to come by...

Brass with lateral lever escapement, balance with flat balance spring, index regulator. Crafted in a Sterling Silver case measuring 52mm lug to lug and 29mm not including crown, with very nice oxidised patina, typical of sterling silver. Now you can enjoy your game without worrying that the vigorous impact of your hand movement will damage your treasured timepiece. We all know how long a 18 hole golf session can take and don't we kind of enjoy the "break" we need with the long walk down the green and you surely do not want your watch to keep "staring at" you each time you set up your club to hit that all important swing.To me, I think the additional thrill is not letting others know where your watch is and enjoy the exclamation they make when you press the button to flip it down your waist.Well, if you have it flaunt, I am sure your friends will not blame you......... And it is approximately 18mm thick, thanks to the super nice looking domed rotating diver timing bezel, adjusted through the crown at . Original thick, chunky, gigantic & heavy stainless steel case measuring 41mm excluding crown, 43mm including and 48mm from lug to lug.

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There are three revolving discs viewed through the apertures in the front of the case.