Dating hip hop music rap

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Dating hip hop music rap

The notion that a black woman is purely a sexual instrument and is dehumanized by taking away her ability and right to make the conscious decision to have sex is a stereotype that goes back to slavery.Slave owners frequently violated black women’s right to consent to sexual activities.Rappers never show or speak of commitment to black women.Hip hop encourages men to be promiscuous and to get as many women as they can handle and to treat them like objects.The article also relates back to the views of beauty in black women.the article depicts or relates to the historical stereotype that a black woman’s beauty does not match up to the “Victorian” woman;s beauty standard (or according to the article, exotic/non-black beauty standard).The article gives example of the different types of dysfunctional relationships the black women on the show have.

Hip hop also teaches that women should be happy to receive the momentary reward and gratification they receive from any type of sexual endeavor they participate in.During that period, black women were not allowed to become wives and mothers because the masters valued their productive labor capability more than their reproductive qualities.I suppose that today, productive labor would be the equivalent to the sexual deeds a black woman can offer a black man rather than her hand in marriage.Most have the opinion that the women shown in the videos are complicit in perpetuating the stereotypes.However many don’t realize that many of the girls in rap videos are young and professional women going through school and that they just want a small taste of fame; and they don’t necessarily see themselves as contributing to the dehumanization of black women.

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