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In 1829, the Verne family moved some hundred meters away to No.

But I haven’t been able to think of a recipe that fits with the theme.what’s the difference between best before and use-by?Best before tends to be used on products that have a longer shelf life like cereal or chocolate biscuits.I’ve also been meaning to share with you one of my all-time favourite desserts – a simplified version of something my Mum used to make.But I didn’t really have a meaty topic to talk about, so it has also been languishing in my inspiration file. A posset is an old fashioned cream-based dessert that is kinda like a creamy panna cotta without the gelatine.

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Use-by, is usually associated with shorter shelf life, more high risk products like milk and eggs. Although I have been known to risk milk in my tea after it has expired and sometimes it’s fine (say if the carton has only just been opened) and of course then there are the times where it’s in date but makes a curdled mess of your tea (usually because someone has left the milk out of the fridge! But I assume there is extensive testing both of changes to flavour, appearance and microbial populations to determine the use-by time period.

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