Dating on and off again

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Dating on and off again

Change what you need to change You must continue to grow and change for the better because relationships by nature change. If your thought pattern is anything like “if he/she changes then everything will be okay (we’ll have lots of sex and raise cute gifted offspring and live happily ever after), or if you can’t change because the other person is refusing to change, then may be it’s best to give up on the relationship now. You can always tell where someone is at in their own lives by how they react to experiences that bring out hidden pain.Just check out most relationship blogs and forums – so many hurting, angry and bitter people dishing out relationship advice. Because I am a regular at “Get Your Ex Back” discussion forums, just because I love offering my advice and experiences, but also because I am a little bothered by just how many people out there, are quick to advice others to leave relationships that may be troubled, but may also still be restored.Take 100% responsibility for your own feelings and needs Be totally honest with yourself, after all you are the very person hurting from your choices and decisions.Get to the bottom of what you are reacting to in your partner’s behaviour and what they are reflecting back to you (anger, neediness, emotional distance etc).3. Get off the negativity and “bitter” people’s wagon Choose the kind of advice you take in but even more importantly avoid asking or taking advice from people who are simply reacting from a place of pain and hurt themselves.Taking your time to analyze why you want to break up with someone is always worth it so that you ensure your decision is based on a calm and rational thought rather than just a manipulation tactic.On again/off again relationships are a negative way to deal with conflict: It is totally possible for a couple to break up, make up, and go on to have a happy, healthy relationship, but the likelihood of a relationship weathering the storm after break up number 3…or 30, may be much lower.

It’s always best to walk away from an unhealthy relationship especially if it involves abuse, control, manipulation, entrapment and codependency issues – which in most on/off relationship is the case.Aside from spending time with friends and family, self-care can be as extravagant as a weekend at the spa, or as essential as making sure to drink water throughout the day. Whatever helps you relax, clear your head and feel emotionally well, it’s worth doing! Self-care is always important, but if you’re dealing with painful or stressful emotions, it’s even more so.Breakups can be draining, but having a strong support system can make them easier to get through.

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One of the behaviors that can throw an otherwise healthy relationship into a tailspin is the infamous “on again/off again” relationship.