Dating rijec chat

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Dating rijec chat

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Read more on Facebook: Genetics/ #breedingforwhattrulymatters TKOh T1fi Jersey heifer with one of the world's best genomic results lives in Denmark!

Read the full management tip on Genetics/ #vikinggenetics #breedingforwhattrulymatters Ac XQMt Q After May proofs we have updated our Viking Defence bull lists as well.

Here we present the Top Players for Viking Holstein; VH River, VH Grejs and VH Romello.

#proofleader Read more about the proofleaders and other top bulls from our website: Ge #vikinggenetics Ui2NClt S #tiptuesday Optimal cubicle design prevents mastitis. Genetics/ #vikinggenetics #dairycattle #cattlebreeding #vikingjersey #vikingholstein #vikingred DILR1ABF Getting the new superstar bulls of tomorrow! 4972, he lives in the herd of Dorthe and Bo Skovbjerg Nielsen in Denmark.

In the other picture is bull calf named Palle Pikachu from Finland who is already at our station in Finland.

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See bull profile: #vikinggenetics #vikingdefence Qwsxgf J #proofleader for Viking Jersey - VJ Heavy g NTM 29 Dam of VJ Heavy has been milking with a yearly average of 7,219 kg milk with 5.74% fat and 4% protein. See the full bull profile: QQdd #vikinggenetics #vikingjersey #proofleader for Viking Red - VR Filur g NTM 29 VR Filur is a high component sire with kappa casein status BB.