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Dating tonight

Tonight is targeted towards busy professionals who want to go on legitimate dates, but who don't want to waste time texting back-and-forth, scheduling, and getting ghosted by 80% of their matches in the process.One use case is, as you pointed out, the Type A person who's thinking about his/her evening plan earlier in the day.Do you think extending to 7 or 8 pm would yield more adoption and success?I love the concept :) Since I'm an Android user and can't check it out myself (yet), I'm curious how you are ensuring that people have enough information about someone to feel comfortable saying 'yes' to a date without any sort of conversation? sufficient info in their profile, verifying legitimacy, etc.Approaching dating tech from a different angle, we have built a product that minimizes screen time, and instead strives to make it insanely easy, efficient, and delightful to get off the phone and connect with a new person face-to-face.We'd like to be The Fairy Godmother of Your Dating Life.Press connections, influencers, and relevant distribution channels would be a huge help. What we're so excited about is that the product is actually very much tech-driven (both front-end and back-end) and therefore extremely scalable.Thanks for supporting us and our movement for dating in real [email protected] what kind of tech are you ultimately using and how does this scale? We've built a system that automates what a human matchmaker and personal assistant would be doing for you manually (and charging hundreds to thousands of dollars for each month). And, we can do it better than a human because there's no limit to the number of people our automated "matchmaker" can keep track of in its portfolio (its "binder" of men and women, if you will :o) )!

We'd love to hear your feedback, especially any suggestions on how we can spread the word in NYC on a shoestring marketing [email protected] "Slow Uber for Dates" - that's a cool way to think about it!I like to think about it also as Uber Black Car meets the Fairy Godmother of Your Dating Life :). millennials' inability to commit in advance) is one of the greatest challenges for us. Between Facebook stalking and dating apps, it can be difficult to make a real connection, especially in a fast-paced speed dating round.Michael Ching’s popular opera introduces you to all the characters you might run into at speed dating: the exercise maniac, the hurt ex, the reclusive cat lady, and the technology addict.

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