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Evan rachel wood dating shane west

Edward Zwick and Marshall Herskovitz (“thirtysomething,” “My So-Called Life”) have once again created an intricate tapestry of emotions and events, generations and perspectives into one of the best shows of the new fall season. Susanna Thompson A most convincing argument that there is life after 40, ABC’s new drama “Once and Again” goes directly against the grain of the current teen infatuation to focus on two families coping with divorce, separation and dating.

(Exhibit A: That unexpected hotel-room kiss when the two were stuck in Baltimore.) Last week, Stacy was forced to make some tough decisions about how far she'll go for love. Lily and Rick, the characters played by Sela Ward and Billy Campbell , are intricately drawn portraits of very believable characters. Show is a much-needed sanctuary for drama lovers looking for identifiable characters. Carradine, whose previous long-term series gig was as the girl-toy of Sela Ward's ex-husband on Once and Again, chatted with about life in TV's "other" West Wing. Tiffany had a little heart of gold, the sweet thing. You know, I was only supposed to do one episode, maybe two, and then I ended up doing three years, so.... TVGuide.com: When this plum Commander in Chief opportunity came up, did you make a beeline for it?TVGuide.com: I totally remember you as Once and Again's Tiffany. TVGuide.com: It was always so cute/pathetic when she tried to win over Sela Ward's kids. TVGuide.com: That show had such a great cast, and such quality. Carradine: I was sent a ton of pilot scripts, and Commander in Chief was one of them.

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- TV Guide Online: Will Ever Carradine Bed Chief's Hubby? J., you know we love ya, but there's a shiny new spin doctor in the White House, and she's being played by Ever Carradine on ABC's Commander in Chief (Tuesdays at 9 pm/ET, but preempted tonight).