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We encourage people to meet recommended matches because attraction can only come from a physical meeting in person.

Yes we can all look at a photo of our celebrity crush and swoon but that doesn’t mean they would be compatible with you or even fancy you.

You will say what qualities and values you would like a potential partner to have.

We will then book in a consultation for you and conduct your personality test as well as clarify anything from your questionnaire.

But we also take practical matters of love seriously, like considering one’s character, lifestyle, financial stability and values.

About Us We are an introduction agency designed for younger, single individuals seeking a committed relationship.

Membership also includes a one to one session with international relationship expert, .

We have a well established network of single male and female members and so we are confident we can guarantee suitable matches.

We bow out letting you arrange your date but we offer you plenty of support should you require it.If we believe we can offer you a good number of matches to meet then we will offer you a membership with us.Please don’t expect us to show you our members’ profiles at this meeting because: Once you have become a member, we will ask you to complete a profile questionnaire.We can offer more matches depending on how open you are to meeting recommendations, this will also depend on your own personal characteristics and on how narrow or otherwise your preferences are in a partner.After becoming a member we select matches for you by using information that you provide us with based on what qualities and values you are looking for in a partner as well as, life style, personality traits and some cross over on interests.

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We exchange profiles with your consent and remaining in control only you decide whether to meet the person for a date.

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