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But chaos intervenes when Monica and Chandler find out what they're up to.Ugly Naked Guy is moving out, and Ross tries to get his apartment, but he has serious competition.Film and television co-stars date each other all the time.It's something to do with the long hours spent together, the physical requirements, the lack of exposure to other people.There’s no confirmation yet that the two celebs are official (or even remotely seeing or talking to each other) but the very idea of a real life Monica-Chandler partnership is enough to tickle our fancy. All they really have left to do is fake a little bit of laundry time, attempt to seduce Lisa Kudrow, and force Matt Leblanc to keep quiet about their affair before they can top it all off with a candlelit proposal and teary confessions.

No more running from apartment to apartment or yelling about who knows what. Sure, she could have done it sooner but better late than never, amiright? Sometimes you’re just not physically attracted to someone. When Monica and Richard break up because of the great kids debate.(For further verification on the best reason to get married, see #10.)2. Rachel falls so hard for Ross after seeing him get dressed and ready to take her to the big dance when her date (almost! If stepping up like that doesn’t make your heart melt for a man, we’re not sure what will.3. And despite how much you wish you could change it, dollar bills—no matter how many—don't light the bedroom fire. It's actually a deal breaker if one person in a relationship really wants kids and the other really doesn't.From a burned turkey to an angry Brad Pitt, there were a number of incidents that prevented them from having a normal Turkey Day. If they dated in real life, they could sit down with all of the other cast members for dinner and push past all that. They won’t have to sneak around, which will make it more comfortable for everyone.

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