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awesome and a relieve i still hope they will do it before i 'm moved. so don't forget when i don't hear anything of you, i'm still thinking of you, you're still tooooooooo importend, love you the most, send you all my love , blessings many gentle and soft hugs and kisses , greetings as well for Terry and Spud and to your sweet furries;-D xxxoxooxoxoxooxoxoxooxoxooxoxooxoxooxoxooxoxoxoxoox hummm hello m y sweet awesome nice yummie cookie friend cok have made my mixed up by suddenly sending tooo much comments at once-S i had suddenly 60 mails in my mailbox not funny anymore. thank you sweetie for your fave and your awesome nice kind words. she asked explain all of it, and it was all written down allready.-S don't think it will help. good that i have noticed today, tomorrow Karin will come and she would have stand on a closed door. messy , so i must clean more things later again.-S i hope it is done well every time it's a big adventure when you must do it yourself. oooh about the electrich brooche i know of a person that had problems like you by lifting up your arms she had hang him on the wall so she could put her mouth on it , and she could change the position of it. LOL okay now i muct really go .bleugh don't have the energy-S hey say hello to the rest and gentel storkes for the furries and for you m ore then thousend gentle hugs and kisses. LOL don't know what you like or which one is now more smarter.

i think you're right i have spend ot much time in them. mayby i must send a copy to the man that have helped me to got a answer. Gladly i wll have one new kitchen insteade off 11 . hey thank you for your suport the fave and the comment you have made me smile hey hope you had a nice weekend. love you sweetie and i send you all my love , greetings and a lot of hugs and thousends of kisses jet x0x00x0x0x00x0x0x00x0x0 Hello my sweet yummie friend humm have thought of your last mail on the proper one a lot. Gerard have learned me that not all people are kind and nice so we don't have to be nice to them. LOL humm the alarm clock rangt l must wash my hair again. i heard of that by my dentist because i had problems with brushing my teeths and so he told me that. LOL hey all my love my sweet yummie ginger cookie and thank you too for your fave on my kitshcy tearyearking heart brooch.;-D xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx hi hi, hope you're doing better. hey thank you too for your fave on my paperbunny doll working still on the doll i'm making of yarn a furr will making a tute of it. hey love you and blessing you and send you all my love and hugs and kisses and nice good thoughts too for the furries and the family members( the good ones.

LOL she is more like before, and not that weak and silences cat anymore. LOL she is still on the prednison though , it' helps against her itchyness as well so suddenly her behind is getting hair. not so scarry to give her strokes, humm i'm not doing well , i'm tiered of the usless waiting of all the things that must be done of those cities and it's not going well-S still havent' find a good mover firm, and i still don't know which firm i must choosen for the linoleum.

i have got two offerts but i don't think they are right.

Karin told me they weren't all so nice for you you've done too much for free for the choire, told her that John would have told me the same , she said oooh i think i like John when he was alive. i'm the whole time working to filling holes in the walls and sanding and trying to do some cleaning and in between answering all the cok mail. she gave her apolicy but i t hought i don't have any help of that, if she had helped me to send me to a new clinic then i had believed her. it was a week of kitchen offers and problems, mhummm my cats are typing too. Still have problems with that, but i'm learning like you all new things.;-D and... LOL i don't understand this strange notification system very well. the doggy is almost finished now , i 'm working on his face and it became tooo hard so i have found out to softened a tiny bit. so i thought huhhh my computer told me it was time for my afternoon meds and i watch on the other clocks and saw it was still 11 hours am. mayby you can ask about those things too of your occupation worker. i have bought something it was looking handy , i will make a picture of it, if you think it's smart for you as well i will buy it and send it to you. hey i have made some progress with my costume made brace for my neck. LOL) till soon jet Hi hi , i'm feeling a little bit better, have slept and my terorizing girls have waked me up for theire feed-S so i thought i will give it a try to answer the cok mails.

he told me you're the boss in your own house if they are nasthy and so on kick them out your house. told him last time do you know i have a coat reck in the hall, and he said yeaaah i know . so i'm mixing things up -S And oftenly i see on it and .... i was glueing chenille wire on it and wolfje tried to steal them. LOL wolfje lay on the balcony to try to become brown by the sun , muis i think was very relieved of that because she stay in the house to lay in the sun without her monster niece. i 'm using it allready to try it out and i was a very happy girl.;-D okay now i must go, hey love you and... LOL i told Gerard okay you have much worse longs so you'are the winner. the md called me and told me that he loved to send me that letter. LOL i thought of you when i wrote those lines on the tute of the paper bunny doll still working on the dog. LOL have send you a proper mail so i don't have to tell much more on here. can't see properly and thinking isn't going too not very well.

I will be posting most of my old projects again and some new ones x I know that we don't know each other, but are you okay? LOL still stucked to home, but the idea of moving soon is helping me to going on.

It seems you haven't been on for months and your projects have disappeared... If you ever need anyone to talk to, my inbox should be open. muis must go to the specialist for skin deseases the leazy don't dissapair, it's less and she looks better, but... Muis is still on the prednidson, the leasy is now almost flat again, but she looks like a real birmees after sooo many years that i think i must give her them a while longer.

So many medical visits and treatments to undergo have taken much of my time. i'm busy at the moment with the moving it's really going to happen t his time.

and i have noticed that something is going wrong in my new home to be of my driveable adjustments as well.

but i couldn't speak the real worker about that because he was like the rest of the half dutch people on may vacation-S gerard and Karin as well, Karin can't suddenly not walk anymore-S she must go like i will to the revalidation centre. it was the 30april , t hen it's queensday on holland and all is orange of colour normally i like it, but now it was tooo much for me and i was inside and watch for an h our in a book of a trip we made together had to cry but it was much better after wards.

i said that's her problem she has left there with a big fight about the baby boy, so she must learn those things that somebody don't like you anymore you must change the adress. her muscle or the tendon that must keep the ankle keep in place is broken. i have seen her tiny feets and all the damage of it. the revalidation md told her to go to the surgeon md so she is now waiting for that. it's almost vacation time, so she told me i don't want to go on holiday. i have lots of new idea's for making the big glass balcony window doors curtains. still hoping that some day we can see each other in real.

i told her why not you have lent a river boat this year to fload throught holland. LOL she said yeaah you're right, have tried again to got permission for a disabled parking card, but.... I found some pictures of very blond small girls and thought i can edit them so i can print the body parts with out the cloths on fabric and then make with the sewing machine their cloths like lace. i told my sis about this idea and she was falllen in love of this idea. hey my dear friend from just across the pond, be gentle to yourself, sending you all my love and blessings and all warmth and good and kind thoughts and other things you love to have fill them in the ...... LOL gentle hugs and thousend tons of kisses.( less waschings)LOL say hello to Spud and Terry and some strokes towards your furries.

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