Quote about dating best friend

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Quote about dating best friend

I take the chance of being alone as a gift, and use my solitude to read, meditate, listen to music, and so on. I have nothing to complain of, because all my deepest needs have been met and I have the most wonderful spouse and family who love me just as I am. It sometimes helps to see or hear about someone that is worse off.My guiding principle is that I don't want to be a burden to anyone; by this, I mean a psychological burden. In fact, I'm currently publishing a book on this very subject, which I hope can help others in my situation and those who care for them. This woman is confined to a wheel chair, needs to be fed and taken care of just like a baby. Last year I took her to a dancing event and (she can't talk), I thought that she wanted to go home.I know those who love me don't find my physical needs burdensome, but if I were to interfere with their own able-bodied recreations then I would be a psychological burden. It turned out that she wanted me to turn her around in the wheel chair, dancing! Hope your friend will want to participate in life despite her difficulties.Having to deal with seniors of varying physical and emotional challenges at work, I really appreciate this article.People who are at any social disadvantage are aware of it and are more sensitive and more easily hurt.

We’d sure love to have you out there with us in the fresh air! Treat your friend in a wheelchair just as you would a friend not in a wheelchair. It’s kind to teach friends when they are hurting us/overwhelming us/annoying us, etc., so they don’t continue doing that to us and to others. We are supposed to take care of others, and we are also supposed to take care of ourselves. And kindness starts with taking care of the caretaker—ourselves—so that we have the wherewithal to continue to care for others. Forgive me, but being the sister of a person in a wheelchair makes one LESS able to speak "insensitively" about this, because of the very real issue of sibling rivalry.

We really have to go to sleep, but we feel so bad for her! Sometimes we’re tired in school the next day because we stayed on the phone with her, trying to be there for her. We’re just not sure what to do because we like her, but she’s overwhelming us a little. They wouldn’t do that to their other children, so why should they do that to her?

Also, it’s really hard to always hear how down and sad she is, and how hard everything is for her. If we feel sorry for someone, and through our feeling sorry for them, we enable them to do bad things, what kind of a friend are we?

” If she still refuses, then tell her, “Well, we’ll see you in a few minutes, then. God created us, too, and we are obligated to take care of that creation, as well. It’s a hard balance to work out, and I give you both a lot of credit for thinking about and wondering what the right thing is. I am not disabled and I did not grow up with anyone disabled, but I have had disabled children as well as healthy children.

Lauren Roth, MSW, LSW, is a graduate of Princeton University, and an inspirational speaker across North America and on the high seas. True, you should not allow your empathy for a person in a wheelchair to allow them to manipulate you or overwhelm you, BUT, it is NOT true that you should treat them EXACTLY as any other friend.

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It’s very important to do chesed—to do kindness for others. In order to have the strength and the stamina to take care of others, we have to take care of ourselves, and then treat others as well as we treat ourselves.