Random sex chat without log in

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Random sex chat without log in

Oswald is then subjected to a pre-prepared hypnotherapy regimen and prepped for assassination, which then proceeds as scheduled.

Date: 22/11/1963 Attempt: An instance of SCP-1746 forms over Dallas, forcing the presidential motorcade to be cancelled as a result of the storm. Preventative Measures: In the original variant of the timeline in which this incident took place, the waffle cone had not yet been invented, and the requisite frozen dairy confectionary to prevent SCP-1746 from forming did not exist.

Entity discovered Oswald, and the two began to kiss and then have sex, distracting Oswald from his position killing Kennedy.

Personnel either took no notice of this, or seemingly did not consider the situation unusual until a cephalopod tentacle emerged from the Ruby-entity's torso and stabbed Oswalt in the heart.

The assassination proceeds as expected, and evidence of Kennedy's lycanthropy is suppressed post-mortem.Temporal measurements of the depository suggest that each instance is a version of Allison Chao separated temporally by a single second relative to the original Chao's base time period.Each instance is uniquely prepared to handle part of the Department's countermeasures; together, they are able to continually overcome the Department's protective measures and kill Oswald.Thus, the Department of Temporal Anomalies sent agents to the 1904 Worlds Fair in Chicago to introduce and popularize the dessert, which would ensure the existence of the waffle cone in time for its use to prevent SCP-1746 prior to the presidential motorcade.Date: 22/11/1963 Attempt: At AM, one hundred instances of the individual known as Allison Chao storm the Texas Book Depository, overrunning all posted guards as well as subsequent reinforcements.

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