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Roxio validating project

Since they've corrupted WMP, uninstalling them won't even fix it.To fix this for Windows Vista: follow the steps in this article. Satellite TVfor PC 2007 does not do this anymore, but that doesn't really help you if you had installed Satellite TVfor PC 2006, sorry.If you have run CCleaner or otherwise find that uninstall fails, you should still be able to use the System Restore point that WMP created in order to roll back to your previous player version.If you have run CCleaner and System Restore does not work, contact Product Support - steps to do so are available under WMP's Help menu.Most anything about a previous version applies to the next version(s) too.Most frequently referenced notes so far: * If the player is crashing and you have vp6, , , or on your system - you might want to uninstall those.If you're using an X-Fi and this is happening, disable "Sound Blaster Enhancements" under Control Panel and Properties for the X-Fi.* Vista-only: Some systems have "Disable Protected Audio DG" set to 0x1 under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, Software\Microsoft\Windows\Current Version\Audio , which will break some audio playback.

Only monitor the actual music subfolders, as otherwise you're going to have a lot of extraneous notifications going to the player.To fix this issue, either switch to use Stereo instead of 5.1 or turn off the audio enhancements for the card.* If your Dell Vostro doesn't produce audio, install the Sigmatel Hi-Definition Audio Codec.=\ * Vista-only: If you have an Intel 945/946/965 express chipset, get their updated drivers - that should fix up some potential crashes and video glitchings.If you have igdumd32on your system, please look for those drivers, which came out April 2007.

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* To start the player in Now Playing, update your WMP shortcut to be "/Task: Now Playing" * The white corner dots that can appear aren't removable - either switch to Classic Menus or resize the player (which only fixes it until player restart). * You can uninstall the WMP11 through the Add/Remove Programs control panel.