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Edward liked Vova so that he spent his whole day, suddenly it seemed that this is what he lacked - a friendship.

Vova was glad glad so much that it seemed to him that he was a paradise, and all that was previously only a dream.

There are many opportunities this place holds from the different rooms they have.

Nenu ee vishyani Rohini ki chepaledu, tanu negative ga feel ayi vadini velipomanundhi emo ani bayam vesindhi. Vadu emi jarganatlu unadu, office lo kuda vadu em chestunado ani alochana, Rohini ki phone chesi “ antha bagundha “ ani adiganu.

Sometimes I called her up and raced through the city.

I told her, hands behind his head and walk in a circle around the edge of the carpet.

It filled me meeting and did not come, and I waited for her in his excitement zamaterevshy.

The diversity in the rooms contributes to the astronomic diversity that the room has.

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– If I can seduce her, I can kiss and hug, and she agreed to retire with me, then you will not disturb me.

– A little bit, I still hesitated, but still agreed.


Tanu “antha bagundhi, enti eroju kothaga “ ani adigindhi.

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