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Sri lanka dating clubs

The British Joint Services toured for a third time in 1968 beating All-Ceylon 14-12.That year a combined All-India team lost to All-Ceylon 18-19.

1955 the New Zealand Colts team toured the island winning against a combined Colombo team 35–5, Up Country 24-3, All Ceylon 35–nil and against the Barbarians, 33-nil.A British Joint Services (Far East) team in 1964 defeated Ceylon Services 16–5 and against a President’s XV 14-6.The British Joint Services returned in 1966 and again defeated Ceylon Services 39-nil and the President's XV 6-3.As a result, in 1908 the Australia national rugby union team passed through the Port of Colombo on their way to England via the Suez Canal, without playing a game in Ceylon. Bourcher (the representative from Uva) was elected as the first president of the Union with J. On 20 August 1910, an exhibition rugby match was held between a team from the 2nd Leicestershire Regiment and a combined Ceylon team.The only solution to ensure matches against foreign teams during their brief stopovers at the Colombo was the formation of a National Rugby Union, affiliated to the English Rugby Football Union. In 1922 the first rugby club to include Ceylonese players, Ceylonese Rugby & Football Club, was formed.

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The first ever club game to be played was on 7 September 1880 between Dickoya MCC and Dimbulla ACC at Darawella, with Dickoya winning the game by 9 points to 3. In 1891 rugby was introduced to the country's high schools by L. Blaze, The nation's first 'national' match involved an All Ceylon team playing against the professional All Blacks (the New Zealand rugby league team) under rugby union rules on their 1907–1908 New Zealand rugby tour of Australia and Great Britain on 12 September 1907.