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The first eight globular clusters discovered are shown in the table.

Subsequently, Abbé Lacaille would list NGC 104, NGC 4833, M55, M69, and NGC 6397 in his 1751–52 catalogue.

During their youth, these LMC clusters may have encountered giant molecular clouds that triggered a second round of star formation.

It has also been proposed that the reason for this multiplicity in stellar populations could have a dynamical origin.

He examined the RR Lyrae variables in the clusters (which he assumed were Cepheid variables) and used their period–luminosity relationship for distance estimates.

A total of 152 globular clusters have now been discovered in the Milky Way galaxy, out of an estimated total of 180 ± 20.These additional, undiscovered globular clusters are believed to be hidden behind the gas and dust of the Milky Way.Beginning in 1914, Harlow Shapley began a series of studies of globular clusters, published in about 40 scientific papers.By assuming a roughly spherical distribution of globular clusters around the galaxy's center, he used the positions of the clusters to estimate the position of the Sun relative to the galactic center.While his distance estimate was in significant error (although within the same order of magnitude as the currently accepted value), it did demonstrate that the dimensions of the galaxy were much greater than had been previously thought.

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