The cast of internet dating

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The cast of internet dating

Oh, and none of them looked like they were old enough to rent a car.

Does that mean that shows with adults as teenagers are inherently bad? Some of the best teen shows starred people who haven’t been teenagers for years.

Now Yes, believe it or not, the very show that has reinvigorated this conversation over 20-somethings portraying teenagers actually does have teenagers in its cast.

Most notably, KJ Apa--who plays Archie--is 19-years-old.

So, yeah, not all teens, but for a couple of the stars? I was surprised to discover that the actress playing teen Lindsay Weir (Linda Cardellini) was actually 24-years-old.

Most notably, the actress playing Jackie (Mila Kunis) was only definitely deserves to get dragged for some of its ultra cornball moments, there's one thing this show did that is definitely worth praising: Almost its entire cast actually consisted of teenagers.Have you ever thought about how the people portraying teenagers in so many teen TV shows are, in fact, grown ass adults?This bothered me as a teen, and as someone who could now be considered a grown ass adult myself, it bothers me even more.The first season alone starred a cacophony of young actors that would eventually garner larger roles and international recognition.Every single one of the young stars--including Dev Patel (Anwar), to Effy (Kaya Scodelario), to Tony (Nicholas Hoult), to Cassie (Hannah Murray)--were between the ages of 14 and 18 when the show aired in 2007.

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