Updating the infosource

Posted by / 22-Aug-2017 03:14

Updating the infosource

What disaster recovery policies, procedures, and capabilities will your cloud vendor guarantee?

We cannot maintain even a fraction of what is required for other languages, and this also applies to finding content from other languages, English is the only language supported.

confirmed Google Chrome version 46.0.2490.80 was the first release to contain the fixed CSS code.

The drop down selectors in some place are incorrectly coloured on version 45 of the Chromium browser, the issue has been confirmed by the G developers and fixed for version 47.

To add an alt, display the show details, click "Edit", then "Add" an "Alternative. Sick Gear will process releases named in the original and all alternative ways that you provide.

Note: This image shows the original listed name in the title, in white text after " Scene numbering addresses the issue where released episodes are numbered differently to what the broadcast network lists them as.

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The tvdb (network) listing of American Dad highlight scene number differences.