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Who is maura tierney dating

There were rumors about Charlize Theron being bi (at the very least), and in a relationship with her assistant. She talks a lot about dating men, and the 2 men she mentioned most are rumored to be gay.

Why would she beard and be bearded if she was ready to come out as the BI suggests?

Paps and fans were all aflutter thinking he was fucking her. With very few exceptions (NPH being one), if you're an out gay actor/actress, you run the risk of becoming relegated to "character actor" or the best friend of the lead (see: Cherry Jones).

You're a supporting player, and your characters are rarely the lead, unless it's a gay character.

Besides, other than lesbian wishful thinking, there's nothing to indicate she's lesbian. She always made sure everyone knew "Gilmore Girls" was all about her. which were fanned when she and (also-rumored-to-be-gay) Sam Mendes split up.

And she screwed with the show's story line just to cater to her personal wishes because she liked David Sutcliff better than Scott Patterson. A D-list inexperienced actor like Patterson can pretend he's in love with Graham's character, but she couldn't manage the same thing. And I'm sure I've read at least one thread here that said Sara Ramirez of "Grey's Anatomy" is gay.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are tying the knot in Windsor, England, today.

She was suddenly making big money again and I have no doubt she might have run scared, found a man who was willing to deal with her situation and quickly bearded.I don't know why people can't believe people beard by getting married.I saw it in the Army, I saw it in the Corporate World, closeted people get married and if it's millions of dollars involved then they will get married.That's why it's called a closet, they hide in there.Also in one of the BI about those two it says that the suits actually threatened the other one's career and that's why they both stayed in the closet.

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It's sad that this is how things are but, for now, this is how things are. but, in Hollywood's eyes, she has the double whammy of being gay and being a woman over 40.

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