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Who is tammy lynn michaels dating now

This dissolution matter has become one of the most well-known ‘divorces’ in the country.The parties lived much of their ‘married’ life in the public eye.”In all ways, Melissa and Tammy acted and lived like a married couple —though they didn’t get married during the small window of time when it was legal to do so in California before the 2008 passing of Proposition 8 outlawed gay marriage.Gays and lesbians have had many big, splashy unions in the past few years—and now the gay-marriage era has its first high-profile, hideously bitter breakup.Melissa and Tammy Lynn Etheridge’s split has been messy from the beginning, when in the spring of 2010, Tammy took to her blog to write quasi-poetic musings that revealed that all was not well in the house of Etheridge.There was even a dramatic candle-lighting and rock-gathering ritual.

As far as a settlement goes, Taylor said, “The federal government doesn’t respect their marriage, so the wealthier one is giving it as a gift and that would be taxable.”Perhaps it’ll take a high-profile case like this one to educate the public on the challenges gays and lesbians face when it comes to both marriage and divorce.

Now the fight has escalated, with Tammy—whose last name was Michaels until she legally changed it to match her partner’s—claiming she is entitled to far more than the ,000 a month being provided to cover expenses and child support, and Melissa firing back that Tammy is careless and accidentally burned one of their two kids with a cigarette.

Who says heterosexuals have a lock on greed, petty squabbling, and ugly mudslinging? Two years later, Melissa had proposed to Tammy on one knee and had given her a 3-carat rock.

COMING OUT not only addressed my personal life directly, but ALSO alerted the ‘BIZNESS’ that I am TEN YEARS OLDER THAN I WAS ABLE TO PLAY ON TV.”Technically, in California, Tammy has a case for more money.

“If they did not have a prenuptial agreement or some other kind of agreement, then any income that either of them made during their relationship belongs 50/50 to the other,” said Jean.

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